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RoHS2 Scheduled to be discontinued

※ The actual product may differ from the image

This product is scheduled to be discontinued.

Production end date  June. 30, 2021

This product is discontinued. (Or planned)

The replacement product will be (DF40B(2.0)-80DS-0.4V(51) CL0684-4128-9-51)

*Compatibility level:Mating compatible ( mating, but possible difference in specification)

Detailed SpecificationsLast Updated On June. 07, 2021

Product information
  • Part No.
  • DF40B(2.0)-80DS-0.4V(75)
  • CL No.
  • CL0684-4128-9-75

  Part No.
Connector Orientation , Connector Type
*Please be careful about the connection of dissimilar metal plating types.