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Construction Machinery

Construction Machinery


  • [SignalBee™] Water Resistant, Slim In-line Connector for Internal Wiring

  • [EnerBee™] 15A 3.96mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connectors for Internal Power Supply (UL, C-UL, TÜV, Listed)

  • DF63W


    [EnerBee™] 3.96mm Pitch Compact Waterproof for Internal Power Supplies

  • ECU Miniature Waterproof Connectors


  • [SignalBee™] 1.0mm Pitch, Positive Lock, Wire-to-Board Connector

  • [SignalBee™] 1.0mm Pitch, Positive Lock, Wire-to-Board Connector

  • High Speed Data Transmission Shielded Connector with Positive Lock Meeting Automotive Spec. 2mm Pitch / 8.3mm(GT17H), 9.6mm(GT17HN) Height

  • 2.0mm Pitch, Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire Connector

Water Resistant I/O

  • EV1

    125A High-Current Waterproof (IP68/X9K) Connectors

  • EV2

    Water-Proof Shielded Connectors up to 220A

Manual Service Disconnect

  • Service Plug for 200A Applications


  • GT32


    Automotive Shielded Connectors for High Speed Transmission

  • GT32F


    Automotive High Speed Signal Shield Connectors (In-Line Type)

Antenna Connection

  • GT5

    In-Vehcle Shielding Connectors with Twin Crimp Technologyin-Line

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