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Facial Recognition Display

Facial Recognition Display

Camera / Display Connection

  • 0.35mm Pitch, 0.6mm Height, Board-to-Board / FPC-to-Board with up to 5A

Power / Motor Connection

  • [SignalBee™] 1.0mm Pitch, Positive Lock, Wire-to-Board Connector

  • DF51


    [SignalBee™] 2mm Pitch, Positive Lock Wire-to-Board Connector (UL,C-UL Listed)

Touch panel LED B/L Side key Connection

  • FH62


    0.25mm Pitch, 1.1mm High, Top Contact, High FPC Retention Force

  • FH72


    0.3mm Pitch, 0.9mm Height, Top Contact One Action Lock, High FPC Retention Force Connector

Motor Connection

  • DF57


    [SnapBee™] Low Profile Swing-Lock Wire-to-Board for Power (UL/CSA Certified)

  • [SnapBee™] Small-Sized, Low Profile Wire-to-Board for Power Supply

Antenna Connection

  • FH34


    0.5mm Pitch, 1.0mm Height, Top and Bottom Contact, Back-Flip

  • U.FL


    Light Weight Micro SMT Coaxial Connector, 1.9mm to 2.4mm Mated Height

  • U.FL-K


    2.5mm Mated Height Max. Micro Coaxial Connector

I/O Connection

  • CX

    The Next-Generation USB Standard USB Type-C™ Connectors

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