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Office Networks

Office Networks


  • SMPM Coaxial Non-Reflective Terminator in MIL Standard

  • Modular Plug Connectors Compliant to CAT5/CAT5e Standards

  • CAT5/CAT5e Modular Jack for High-Speed LAN Transmission

  • High-Speed Transmission Modular Jack, Unique Contact

  • Modular Plug Connectors Compliant to Cat.6A Standard


  • [FunctionMAX™] High Speed Transmission, 0.5mm Pitch for PCB Connections

  • FX18


    [FunctionMAX™] High Speed Transmission, 0.8mm Pitch for PCB Connections

  • FX30


    [FunctionMAX™] 25A Max., Position Misalignment Absorption, Power Supply for Board-to-Board

  • [FunctionMAX™] 0.6mm Pitch 5.0mm to 16.0mm Stacking Height Connectors

  • XG1

    16+Gbps 0.5mm Pitch Stacking Connectors

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