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SignalBee「A Legend in Compact, High-end Devices」

A Legend in Compact, High-end Devices

EnerBee -Your best choice for power cable connectors. Named after the tiny, yet energetic insect, the EnerBee name represents the shared concept of this product family-compact size with high-end performance. In addition to its superior performance, small size and the ability to support high-current and high-voltage devices, EnerBee offers a positive lock mechanism to meet various requirement of industrial power supply and power sources. Additionally, by replacing locks with the EnerBee's built-in positive lock mechanism, assembly quality and work efficiency are improved. If you have design problems, the EnerBee is your solution.

High Current, Positive Lock, Safety Design
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Center Lock System - Saves on PCB mounting space. -

Enables high density mounting by center lock saves space for fingers to unlock the connector which is necessary for side lock contributing to high density mounting and saves valuable PCB space. (All product series)

Extra Space Needed for Typical Side Release Lock Connectors. Center Lock, Side Lock.

Keying Variations - Safe design -

Different key types and housing colors are available for using multiple connectors with the same number of positions. (DF33C, DF63, DF22, DF60 Series)

Unmateable due to the incorrect key types and housing colors, Mateable with the correct key types and housing colors

Resin Sealing - Protects mounted components from moisture and other foreign matter such as dust and dirt. -

(DF33C/DF63/DF22 Series)

Potting resin: 6.5mm MAX, Press-fit contact structure prevents potting resin from wicking into the connector body.

Vertical-Mating with Lateral Cable Design - Clear tactile click and superior operational reliability. -

Clear tactile click and wide operation space improve work efficiency. (DF63SF Series)

Clear Tactile Click and Wide Operation Space. Lock Strength: Over 35 N

Multi-Point Contact Design - Secure Contact and Superior Vibration Resistance -

Three contact points in the lower portion have an independent spring action and allow for each contact point to position itself when mating.  (DF63、DF63W、DF63SF、DF22、DF60 Series)
*Each series has a different multi-point contact design.

Three Points at Lower Portion, Crimp Contact, Three Points at Upper Portion

Product Lines

DF33C Series

3.3mm Pitch, 5A Max.

Despite being the smallest sized EnerBee connector, the DF33C connectors meet the 1.5mm* creepage distance as stipulated by the electrical appliance and material safety act. Suitable for potting (resin sealing) up to 6.5mm in height. Widely used as a compact connector for internal power supplies.
*After Potting


DF63 Series

3.96mm Pitch, 15A Max.

In addition to the EnerBee's core functions of "compact and high-end performance" the DF63 Series realizes superior usability and stability. The centerlocking mechanism enables high density mounting and saves valuable PCB space.


DF63W Series

3.96×4.4mm Pitch, 14A Max.

Water proof type DF63W Series is slim and smooth, suitable for internal connection.(IP67 water proof) Also, while ensuring waterproof of IP67 in mating, just inserting an crimp contact enables easy operation.


DF63SF Series

3.96mm Pitch, 12A Max.

In addition to the EnerBee's core design concepts of "compact and high current", the DF63SF Series creates space-saving due to the vertical mating with lateral cable design. Also, it is possible to attach parts under the cable, which enables design flexibility. Additionally, it supports through-hole reflow (THR) mounting to improve work efficiency.


DF22 Series

7.92mm Pitch, 30A Max.

The DF22 Series is compact on size, but big on current capacity. The most popular EnerBee connector with a long sales history and wide customer appeal. Variations such as keying, pin count and latch styles, are available to allow the connector to be matched to the application at hand.
*Please use a retainer to reduce the load on the crimp socket or In-line plug connector.


DF60 Series

10.16mm Pitch, 65A Max *

With its high power and large current capability, the DF60 Series is the most compact connector we offer for this level of current. It features a multi-point contact design with a center lock mechanism and offers increased operability with high reliability when connecting to main power sources. A finger protection type is also available.
*UL Standard Only



*1 : Without Pins  *2 : UL Standard Only

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* In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive,please contact a company representative for further information.