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Supports High Speed Differential Signals Up to 56Gbps NRZ/112Gbps PAM4
IT14 Series: Low Profile BGA Mezzanine Connector

Second Source Licensed Product for the OAM Connector

Supports High Speed Differential Signals Up to 56Gbps NRZ/112Gbps PAM4 IT14 Series: Low Profile BGA Mezzanine Connector

The IT14 Series is the officially licensed second source product for “Mirror Mezz” by Molex (Headquarters: United States) *1.
Mirror Mezz is used as the board-to-board connector for the OCP*2 Accelerator Module (OAM, OCP Accelerator Module) and in chipset connection such as ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) from leading manufacturers. Further demand is expected in the future, and a stable supply of the Mirror Mezz is essential. Hirose released the IT14 Series to meet these needs.

*1 Molex and Mirror Mezz are registered trademarks of Molex, LLC in the United States and/or other countries.
*2 Open Compute Project: A community of engineers who design and deliver the most efficient server, storage and data center hardware for scalable computing, launched in April of 2011 by Meta (formerly known as Facebook).

OCP Accelerator Module (OAM) Usage Example

OCP Accelerator Module (OAM) Usage Example


Rated Current


Rated Voltage

Operating Temperature -55 to +105℃
Contact Resistance

30mΩ MAX. (Includes conductor resistance.)

Insulation Resistance  500V DC for 1min.
Withstanding Voltage 1000MΩ (500V DC)
Mating Durability  100 times

- Cross mates with Molex’s Mirror Mezz.

- No. of Pos. : 688pos.

IT14 Series Product Page


Low Profile Hermaphroditic Design Reduces Board Design Time

The low profile design with a stacking height of 5mm is ideal for connecting accelerator modules. In addition, the hermaphroditic interface reduces the number of board design steps.

Mated Dimentions

Contact Design Enables High Speed Transmission

Unique contact design and contact arrangement enables superior high speed transmission.

Stub-less Design

Stub-less Design

The 2-point contact design minimizes stubs from the contact to achieve low reflection characteristics.

Impedance Matching (92Ω Target)

Impedance Matching

Pitch differs from contact portion and mounted portion for impedance optimization.

Reduced Cross Talk

Reduced Cross Talk

The high speed differential and ground contacts are placed alternately in each row to eliminate cross talk.

Contact Protection Design

Protective housing that encapsulates the contact tips prevents warping during mating.

Contact Protection Design

Applications (Use Cases)

Data Centers
Data Communications and Telecomunications Equipment​
IT14 Series Product Page