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Compact Connectors for Coaxial Cable


Compact connector for coaxial cable

1. Stable harness quality :“One-step” crimping structure of center and outer conductors provides stable harness quality. Operators can complete harnessing without touching a center conductor. Thus, a high precision of center conductor positioning can be maintained irrespective of operators’skill levels.
2. Reduce assembly cost :“One-step” crimp termination of center and outer conductors can reduce assembly cost.
3. Compact design: The new products are smaller than the existing GT5 series.
4. Excellent high-frequency response characteristics: V.S.W.R is lower than 1.5 at 0~2.5GHz.
5. The maximum coaxial cable diameter for GT21 series is Ø3.1mm. (Ø5.2mm for GT21A Series)