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PS3F Series

Hybrid/Signal 125A Power Supply, Front Access Plug-in Connectors


High current plug-in connector

Contributes to operators’ safety in installing. While reducing installation man-hours.
Front access is best suited to the systems without rear assess Supports IP2X finger protection.
Harness operation is possible with multi-purpose tools.

1. Allows high current
Power contact supports rated current up to 100Amps. (Derating curve, ambient temp 25ç : 125A)

2. Front access is best suited to the systems without rear assess
Front access on system rack side allows maintenance from mating side (front side of the component),
and is best suited for installing components in places without rear assess.

3. Floating amount : +/-2.5mm
Floating design of the receptacle requires a rotation of ±2.5mm by the dedicated staged screw in X and Y axis directions.

4. The signal section uses the Hirose GT8E connector.
The signal line uses the connector with proven records in automobile markets (GT8E).

5. Supports IP2X finger protection
Finger protection of the plug provides safety operation for field operators when it is used on the battery side.

6. UL, C-UL and TÜV-certified
Both the plug and the receptacle meet safety standards (UL, C-UL, TÜV standards).

7. Harness operation is possible with multi-purpose tools
Harness operations includes screwing the plug with a torque wrench etc. and crimping of the receptacle.
All of these operations can be carried out with multi-purpose tools. (Torque wrench : JIS B 4652, crimp : JIS C 9711)


  • Connector Type
  • Plug, Receptacle, Contact, Housing
  • Parts
  • Panel Mounting Style
  • Screw
  • Cable Assembly
  • No
  • Cable Length
  • Generic Type
  • Industry Standard
  • Safety Standards
  • Performance Characteristics
  • Transmission Rate
  • Water Resistance
  • Salt Spray Test Duration (Corrosion Resistance)
  • Mating/Unmating Cycles
  • 100
  • Number of Positions
  • 1, 2
  • Remarks on Number of Positions
  • Contact Pitch
  • 92.0 mm
  • Contact Plating
  • Silver
  • Locking Style
  • Rated Current
  • 125.0 A
  • Rated Voltage (AC)
  • AC 1000.0 V
  • Rated Voltage (DC)
  • DC 1000.0 V
  • Mounting Style
  • Connector Orientation
  • Mounting Side
  • Wire Termination Method
  • Crimping, Screw
  • Recommended Min. Wire Size (AWG)
  • 3
  • Recommended Max. Wire Size (AWG)
  • 3
  • Recommended Min. Wire Size (mm²)
  • 22.0 mm²
  • Recommended Max. Wire Size (mm²)
  • 22.0 mm²
  • Operating Temperature Max.
  • 105 ℃
  • Operating Temperature Min.
  • -40 ℃
  • Cable Color

In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.