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QR/P15 Series

Ultra-Small Rectangular Rack/Panel Crimp Connectors


Ultra-small Rack/Panel Crimp Connectors
Expansion of the proven QR/P Series with a separate panel-mounted plugs / receptacles connecting with detachable crimp terminated connectors. Plugs / receptacles can be mounted on the panels and the terminated connectors may be inserted at later time, allowing wire crimp termination to be done away from the equipment. Available in 8 or 24 pos (with 4 positions for power contacts) and 40 pos.
1. Two piece part structure The main connector body is not directly terminated with individual or discrete wires, but allows for cabled, sub-assembly connector groups to be plugged and unplugged to it. This separate structure of a main connector body and sub-assemblies allows harnesses to be preassembled, and simplifies the installation of both the sub-assenblies and rack and panel mounting.
2. Sequential contact mating structure Sequential contact mating is featured on the 40-position version, with two contacts on each side of the connector. This provides better grounding and improved safety.
3. Accepts power supply connections (24-position only) The 24-position connectors incorporate power supply contacts. The power supply connections use an MDF6 Series 4-position connector (3.5mm pitch, UL and CSA recognized, and can handle 6A a current using 16 AWG conductors. Wire termination can also be accomplished with an automatic crimping machine.
4. Reliable connections Two-point contacts assure highly reliable electrical and mechanical connection.


  • Connector Type
  • Plug, Receptacle, Others
  • Parts
  • Screw
  • Panel Mounting Style
  • Cable Assembly
  • No
  • Cable Length
  • Generic Type
  • Drawer
  • Industry Standard
  • Safety Standards
  • Performance Characteristics
  • Transmission Rate
  • Water Resistance
  • Salt Spray Test Duration (Corrosion Resistance)
  • Mating/Unmating Cycles
  • 1000
  • Number of Positions
  • 8, 24, 40
  • Remarks on Number of Positions
  • Contact Pitch
  • 2.0 mm
  • Contact Plating
  • Gold
  • Locking Style
  • Rated Current
  • 1.0, 6.0 A
  • Rated Voltage (AC)
  • AC 30.0 V
  • Rated Voltage (DC)
  • DC 30.0 V
  • Mounting Style
  • Connector Orientation
  • Straight
  • Mounting Side
  • Wire Termination Method
  • Recommended Min. Wire Size (AWG)
  • 24, 30
  • Recommended Max. Wire Size (AWG)
  • 16, 22
  • Recommended Min. Wire Size (mm²)
  • Recommended Max. Wire Size (mm²)
  • Operating Temperature Max.
  • 60 ℃
  • Operating Temperature Min.
  • -10 ℃
  • Cable Color

In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.