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Introduction of test facilities and evaluation systems that support connector development and production.

Introducing our company's quality assurance system, including testing facilities and evaluation systems, that support connector development and production.

Introduction video: First in Japan! ISO/IEC 17025 Testing facilities and evaluation system.

We are the first Japanese connector manufacturer to obtain ISO/IEC 17025 certification, an international certification system for testing and calibration laboratories (2004: Ichinoseki Testing Center, new building constructed in 2018). "ISO/IEC 17025" is a standard that certifies a laboratory's ability to produce accurate measurement results. Many countries around the world use "ISO/IEC 17025" as a standard for judging a laboratory's technical capabilities.

In addition, we opened the EMC laboratory (anechoic chamber and shielded rooms) and obtained "ISO/IEC 17025" certification (in 2018, at the headquarters of Hirose Electric Corporation). In the test, we use a correlation technology that makes the process of "Design, analysis and measurement" interrelated (actual measurement results can be predicted from analytical results). Our company has put in place a system in which these "Design, analysis and measurement" can be consolidated at a single site in order to simultaneously improve product quality and shorten development lead times.

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