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MF11BMT Series Recommended

Water-Proof Optical Connectors with MT Ferrule, ARIB/ITU-R


Water-Proof Optical Connector with MT Ferrule

1. Water-proof multi-pos. connector

MT Ferrule into waterproof metal shell.

2. Bayonet lock

Easy and secure installation and removal with Bayonet lock design.

3. Harsh environments

IP67 water-proof compliant.

4. MPO cleaner can be used

Plug and receptacle can be cleaned with MPO cleaner.

5. 5000 mating times

Robust metal shell enables 5000 insertion/extraction.

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MF11BMT Series Waterproof Optical Connector
with MT Ferrule [MF11BMT Series] feature page

The MF11BMT Series optical connector features 24 positions equipped with a built-in standard MT ferrule.

Comprehensive Solutions for 4K/8K Image Devices

Hirose Electric offers comprehensive solutions for transmitting ultra-high-definition video data at high speeds. Here we would like to introduce some examples of what our solutions can be applied to.

  • Connector Type
  • Plug, Receptacle, Others
  • Parts
  • Panel Mounting Style
  • Screw, Bulk-head
  • Generic Type
  • Industry Standard
  • Water Resistance
  • IP 67
  • Salt Spray Test Duration (Corrosion Resistance)
  • Cable Assembly
  • No, Yes
  • Cable Length
  • Recommended Optical Fiber
  • MM-50/125
  • Fiber Material
  • Silica glass
  • Ferrule Shape
  • Operating Wavelength
  • 850,1300 nm
  • Mating/Unmating Cycles
  • 5000
  • Number of Positions
  • 12, 24
  • Remarks on Number of Positions
  • Contact Plating
  • Operating Temperature Max.
  • 60 ℃
  • Operating Temperature Min.
  • -20 ℃
  • Mounting direction
  • Floating Range(XY)(mm)
  • Effective Mating Length(Z)(mm)
  • Cable Color
  • Type 1 Mating Face Connector
  • Type 2 Mating Face Connector
  • Connector Type Details
  • Accessory

List of Connectors (Specification Sheet, 2D drawings, 3D models, Distributor inventory)

In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.