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Connectors for AGV/AMR

AGV/AMR application demands for unmanned transportation of goods is increasing as manufacturing plants transition into becoming smart factories with the spread of Industry 4.0. The increase in demand for AGV/AMR is seen in distribution warehouses as well, due to the increased volume of goods handled resulting from the spread of e-commerce. Recently, AGV/AMR have been used for a variety of other purposes too, such as security, and home and food delivery, resulting in enhanced functionality. Hirose offers an extensive lineup of connectors for use with AGV/AMR, including internal connectors, such as board-to-board connectors and power supply connectors for batteries and motors, allowing you to choose the connector that best suits your needs. 

The Difference Between AGV and AMR

At first glance, AGV and AMR appear to be the same, but they are actually categorized according to their driving method and movement range.

AGV:Automated Guided Vehicle


- Navigates by following a magnetic tape track, etc. on the floor.

- Move only on the preset route.

- Takes time to install and adapt to work area changes because the track needs to be laid.

- Thought of as a vehicle

AMR:Autonomous Mobile Robot


- Automatically calculates the route to the destination  (No predetermined path required).

- Detects and avoids humans and obstacles.

- Adapts easily to changes in the work area.

- Thought of as a collaborative robot that works with humans

Connector Performance Requirements Resulting from Advancing AGV/AM Functionality

In recent years, AGVs/AMRs have been used not only to transport goods in factories and warehouses, but also for delivery, security, cleaning, and food delivery. With such functionality advancements, the number of components mounted including cameras and LiDAR are increasing, resulting in a need to save space and wiring inside the equipment.
These equipment must also be robust enough to withstand vibrations during driving. There are also cases where water resistance and high speed transmission performance are required. Hirose responds to all of these demanding functionality needs with our high performance connectors.

Connector by Connection Point

Connector by Connection Point
ix Industrial™ DF60 DF51/DF51K LF FX23/FX23L U.FL ZE05
IEC Standard Compliant Power Wire-to-Board Connector Signal Wire-to-Board Connector Shielded and Waterproof Circular Connector High Speed Board-to-Board Connector Small Coaxial Connector Automotive Wire-to-Board Connector



(For External Communication)


Main PCB to Sub PCB




Motor Signal


Motor Power





Wi-Fi Module

Product Lineup

This compact interface connector is about 75% smaller than the conventional RJ45.
Despite its small size, it has a mating durability of 5,000 times, making it extremely durable and strong.
The ix Industrial™ is the next-generation, compact IEC compliant connector supporting Cat.6A (10Gbps) Ethernet for stable high speed transmission.

ix Industrial™

The DF60 Series is a 65A Max., wire-to-board connector for internal power supply.
The positive lock and 5-point contact design provide high contact reliability.
Finger protect type and key variations are also available for safe use.
You can choose three connection types: straight, right angle, and inline.


The DF51/DF51K Series is a 2A Max., wire-to-board connector with 2mm pitch.
The positive lock design provides stable connection.
You can choose from a wide variety of types, including straight, right angle, and inline connection with single or double row contact arrangements.
Both the side lock type, DF51 Series and center lock type, DF51K Series, are available to meet different application needs.


LF Series

The LF Series is a small, robust circular interface connector with metal shell.
IP67 and IP68 compliant, this product can be used safely even in places where there is a risk of condensation or water damage.
In addition, the small and robust shield design prevents noise.
You can choose from a wide variety of types, including straight and right angle connection types, solder, crimp, power/signal hybrid and more.


The FX23 and FX23L are board-to-board floating connectors with 0.5mm pitch.
The large floating range of ±0.6mm in the X and Y directions enables automated mounting of multiple connectors by robots.
FX23 and FX23L support 8+Gbps high speed and have power contacts supporting 3A/pin.
A wide variety of stacking heights are also available, from 8 to 30mm.


The U.FL Series is small coaxial connector with a mated height of 1.9 to 2.4mm.
It has a very small board mounting area of 7.7mm2 and supports up to 18GHz frequency.
The plug is compatible with ultra fine fluorinated resin cables and is available in two types: solder and solderless.

Click here for the feature page on FL CoaxBridge™, Hirose’s connector lineup featuring solutions idea for wireless transmission antenna modules.


The ZE05 Series is a wire-to-board interface connector for automotive applications.
The space-saving design with 05 size terminal and 2mm pitch contributes to the miniaturization of the set.
This connector passed rigorous automotive tests and can withstand high temperatures up to 125℃.
The unique terminal design has a double layer spring design, enabling three points of contact for high contact reliability and vibration resistance.