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Plastic D-Subminiature Shells (Accessories)


Plastic D-subminiature shells offer the highest quality of mechanical design and appearance.(Accessories)

1. Standard screw type locking mechanism provides a strong and secure lock.

2. ABS resin molding material offers light weight, sturdy construction.

3. Easy to assemble and service because the case is split at the center of the cable inlet and few screws are used.

4. Two types of locking devices are available, rectangular and hexagonal, to meet different panel mounting complies.

5. The 25-contact model complies with the the modem plug case specified in JIS-C-6361.

6. Can easily incorporate solderling (HD) and crimping.


  • Connector Type
  • Others
  • Parts
  • Cover case, Lock, Dust cap
  • Panel Mounting Style
  • Cable Assembly
  • No
  • Cable Length
  • Generic Type
  • Industry Standard
  • Safety Standards
  • Performance Characteristics
  • Transmission Rate
  • Water Resistance
  • Salt Spray Test Duration (Corrosion Resistance)
  • Mating/Unmating Cycles
  • Number of Positions
  • Remarks on Number of Positions
  • Contact Pitch
  • Contact Plating
  • Locking Style
  • Screw, Spring, Latch-lock
  • Rated Current
  • Rated Voltage (AC)
  • Rated Voltage (DC)
  • Mounting Style
  • Connector Orientation
  • Mounting Side
  • Wire Termination Method
  • Soldering
  • Recommended Min. Wire Size (AWG)
  • Recommended Max. Wire Size (AWG)
  • Recommended Min. Wire Size (mm²)
  • Recommended Max. Wire Size (mm²)
  • Operating Temperature Max.
  • 60, 65, 70, 85 ℃
  • Operating Temperature Min.
  • -55, -25 ℃
  • Cable Color

In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.