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PO51/PO72 Series

Coaxial Connectors for DIN 41612 (M Style)


Coaxial connector for DIN 41612 (M style)

1. Compliant with DIN 47297
It is a connector developed for multipole connector for PCB, P C N 1 0 F series (DIN 41612, M style), complying with DIN 47297. The nominal characteristic impedances are 50 Ω (PO 51) and 75 Ω (PO 72).

2. Use as composite connector
Combined with the PCN 10 F series, it can be used as a composite connector of signal terminal, high current terminal and coaxial terminal, making it suitable for high density mounting.

3. Plug-in type
Because it is a plug-in type, it is easy to install and remove.


In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.