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Push-On Coaxial Connectors


Push-on coaxial connector

1. Small size and high performance
① Compared with the SMA connector of the microwave band connector (our HRM series), it is downsized to approximately 70%, and the operating frequency range is broadband up to 8 GHz.
② Since the fitting part has a spring mechanism part that can withstand piercing sufficiently, it has high stability and reliability equivalent to that of a screw type connector.

2. Easy attachment and detachment
① It takes almost no time to detach and attach, it can be done almost instantly, and secure connection can be confirmed by lock sound.
② Since it can be attached and detached with your fingers, it is not necessary to provide tools such as spanner and torque wrench.

3. Suitable for various coaxial cables
① Suitable as terminal connector of 0.085 inch semi-rigid cable which is widely used, corresponding to miniaturization of circuit parts.
② Suitable for flexible cables such as 1.5D - 2V, 2.5D - 2V etc.


In cases where the application will demand a high level of reliability, such as automotive, please contact a company representative for further information.