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FL CoaxBridge - Fast Track to Design Flexibility -

Three plans support SMA board design and facilitate the development of IoT products.

FL CoaxBridge Benefits ・Three plans suitable for wireless communication antenna modules ・Space reduction and low cost ・Support for designing board layouts that meet your needs

IoT products, which connect and exchange data with a network of various things, require wireless communication. For this communication, it is common to adopt an antenna module and connection method that meets the wireless communication standard LPWA (Low Power Wide Area). The "FL CoaxBridge" uses Hirose’s SMA antenna connector and can meet the LPWA standard while reducing space and cost. Additionally, you can choose from three connection plans to meet your board design needs.

Reduces design time, Increases design freedom, Low loss

FL CoaxBridge™ Digital Catalog

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Features of HIROSE’s SMA-U.FL Connection


U.FL occupies 7.7mm² on the board. Although U.FL is very small, it has a clear locking feel that reliably confirms mating. Receptacles can be automatically mounted with embossed taping packaging. The cable has an outer diameter of MAX φ1.37mm and can be wired in a small space.

Low Cost

Excluding the outer shell, and the harness process are standardized.

High Frequency Characteristics

Reflection of cable connection is minimized to achieve high frequency performance of 8GHz.

You can choose from 3 plans according to the board design.

Plan A (Adjustable Cable Assembly Length)
Plan B (Cable Assembly that Reduces Labor Time)
Plan C (For Strengthened Ground Connection with the Board)

Plan Comparison

Plan A (Adjustable Cable Assembly Length) Plan B (Cable Assembly that Reduces Labor Time) Plan C (For Strengthened Ground Connection with the Board)
Board Design Excellent
Easier board design
Support for Design Changes and Reproduction Excellent
Minimal number of parts to change
(Can adjust the U.FL harness length without changing the body)
Supported by using different length cable assemblies
U.FL plug Both ends harness product can be changed in length,
rework required
Wire Routing Flexibility Excellent
There are no restrictions on the mounting position of the housing and the position of the board inside the housing.
Board position in the housing is limited
Others - - Excellent
Ground connection is possible directly below the panel.

Plan A (Adjustable Cable Assembly Length)

You can adjust the length of the double-ended U.FL Plug assembly by yourself. This type allows signals to flow to various parts on the board and increases design freedom.

Plan A (Adjustable Cable Assembly Length)

■ SMA-U.FL Conversion Adapter

BNC to D.FL conversion adapters are also available for 75Ω applications. Please refer to the pamphlet for details.

Images Type Part No. HRS No. 2D 3D s2p
HRMJ-U.FLJ-BPA-4 Nut stop type (die-cast) HRMJ-U.FLJ-BPA-4 CL0311-0463-7-00 PDF IGES, STEP -

Plan B (Cable Assembly that Reduces Labor Time)

Since the U.FL plug is already harnessed to SMA, assembly is completed in the following 2 steps: 1. Secure the SMA to the case with a nut, 2.Mate U.FL. This type reduces man-hours.

Plan B (Cable Assembly that Reduces Labor Time)

SMA Connector (Sold separately)

Images Connector Part No. HRS No. 2D 3D s2p
HRM-200-088PJ4BN(40) Screw Type (4 holes, Machining) HRM-200-088PJ4BN(40) CL0323-0803-3-40 PDF IGES, STEP -
HRM-200-088PJ2BN(40) Screw Type (2 holes, Machining) HRM-200-088PJ2BN(40) CL0323-0802-0-40 PDF IGES, STEP -
HRM-200-088BPJBN(40) Bulkhead Type (Machining) HRM-200-088BPJBN(40) CL0323-0804-6-40 PDF IGES, STEP -
HRM-200-088WBPJBN Waterproof Bulkhead Type (Machining) HRM-200-088WBPJBN CL0323-0920-7-00 PDF IGES, STEP -

SMA Connectors (Machining) are sold separately. Please inquire for wiring tools, etc.
More information on harness products will be added soon.

Plan C (For Strengthened Ground Connection with the Board)

A ground (GND) through-hole strengthens the GND connection with the board.

Plan C (For Strengthened Ground Connection with the Board)

■ Board Mounted SMA-U.FL Conversion Adapter

Image Type Part No. HRS No. 2D 3D s2p


CL0311-0432-3-00 PDF IGES, STEP -

Applications (Usage Cases)

The FL CoaxBridge with SMA-U.FL connection is suitable for all applications using wireless communication antenna modules.

Smart Meter
Wi-Fi Router
Robot Controller