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Broadcasting Equipment

Broadcasting Equipment

Optical Interface

  • Subminiature, Waterproof Duplex Fiber Optic Connectors

  • Water-Proof Optical Connectors with MT Ferrule, ARIB/ITU-R

  • Subminiature, Combining Optical and Electrical Waterproof

  • Waterproof Optical Connectors with Built-In SC/LC-Duplex

Internal RF Connector

  • 75 Ohms Small Coaxial Connectors (SMT Low Profile)

  • 75 Ohm Push-On Lock Coaxial for Digital Broadcasting Devices

  • 75 Ohm Miniature Push-On Lock Coaxial for Digital Broadcasting

High Speed Board-to-Board

  • FX18


    [FunctionMAX™]High Speed Transmission, 0.8mm Pitch for PCB Connections

Coaxial Interface

  • 2.4mm Coaxial Connectors for Frequency Test Measurements

  • 2.4mm Coaxial Attenuator Complies with MIL-STD-348B Standard

  • 2.92mm Coaxial Connectors Based On MIL Specifications

  • Up to 40GHz, Fixed Attenuators Based On MIL Specifications

  • BNC75


    BNC 75 Ohm Connectors


Circular Interface

  • HA

    Circular Connectors with Lock Mechanism for Audio Equipment

  • HR10


    High Performance, Miniature Circular Connectors

  • High Performance, Microminiature Circular Connectors

  • Miniature Push-Pull Circular Connectors

Active Optical Cable

  • BF4M


    Optical Active Connectors

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