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Flat Panel TVs

Flat Panel TVs

I/O Board to Main Board USB Type-C Connectors

  • CX


    The Next-Generation USB Standard USB Type-C™ Connectors

Speaker / Main to Power Board / AC Power Wire-to-Board Connectors

  • DF52


    [SignalBee™] 0.8mm Pitch, Small & Robust Wire-to-Board Connectors

  • DF61Y


    [SnapBee™] Small-Sized, Low Profile Wire-to-Board for Power Supply

  • KW30


    [SignalBee™] 1mm Pitch, Single-row, Center Lock, Wire-to-Board Connector (UL/C-UL Listed)

T-Conto Main Board V-by-one US available -16Gbps

  • 0.5mm Pitch, Next Generation High Speed Board-to-Wire Connectors

Mic / WiFiModule / IR Sensor / One Action FH Connectors

  • FH63S


    0.5mm Pitch, Height 2.8mm Lower Contact, One-Action Lock 2-point Contact, 125 ℃ Compatible

  • FH67


    0.5mm Pitch, Height 5.2mm Vertical Connection, One-Action Lock 2-point Contact, 125 ℃ Compatible

Source Board

  • TF06L


    0.5mm Pitch, 2.1mm Height, Bottom Contact, Front Flip

  • TF43SW


    0.5mm Pitch / 1.2mm Height / Bottom Contact,  Power & Signal Hybrid FPC/FFC Connector Supporting 12A

  • 0.5mm Pitch / 1.2mm Height / Bottom Contact, Front Flip FPC/FFC Connector

  • 0.5mm Pitch, 1.5mm Height, Front-Flip, FPC/FFC ZIF Connectors

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